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5 Common Applications of a Water Treatment Plant

Industries and many residential homes have their own water treatment plants. We at Energy Plus India essentially have always put up the importance of anything related to the well-being of industrial plants ahead.
Here we have also enumerated why the application of a water treatment plant is important and how our team will be the most efficient one in implementing them.

Surface Water Treatment is an extreme necessity
A treatment plant like a surface water treatment is a necessity as it used to make surface water useful and fit for the municipal application. Water is known to have several suspended impurities like colloidal matter, and organic components which must be removed with the use of a proper water treatment plant.

Containerized Water Treatment Plants can also be promoted
Using the option for a containerized water treatment plant is one of the top picks for our efficient team at Energy Plus India, as it is one of the best ways to make water pollutant-free in several remote areas.

Ozone Based Water Plant taking the new lead
This water treatment plant is a great way of purifying water in pools and water present in cooling towers with the use of ozone. Ozone acts as a great disinfectant for many microorganisms including many parasites.

Package Wastewater Plant is also quite the deal
Our teams also specializing in boiler overhauling suggest wastewater treatment, using the methods of aeration as a great way to treat water. It is used at many recreational, educational and mining sites.

Mobile Water Treatment Plants are also winning hearts
This is yet another popular water treatment facility that uses reverse osmosis and wastewater treatment methods to treat water. These facilities are usually moved from place to place.

We are a Kolkata based company and we have been in business for providing the best kind of water treatment plants in India for several years. All our primary focuses have been entirely industry related and we have time and again provided our best services for customers in several industries. We offer WTP and ETP plants along with RO Plant, Softener, DM Plant, and Iron Removal Filter, as per the Industry requirement. The raw water from the source is treated to the required level of purity, based on the application, where the water quality plays a vital role. We can design and supply all kind of water treatment schemes for your requirement. These are the most cost-effective and technically proven system to remove the unwanted and hazardous chemical from the wastewater; to meet the statutory pollution control requirement.

We hope you choose us for your water treatment plant installation, ETP, STP operation & maintenance, as and when required.

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