Boiler Operation & Maintenance

We are First Class IBR authorised in providing Boiler services. All Boiler related services are available under one roof. Over 16 years, Energy Plus is engaged in providing Boiler Operation & Maintenance services.

Good operation includes performing necessary routine maintenance on periodic basis. Maintenance cost is lowered. Low maintenance cost depends on good & daily operating controls, given that, system and fuel are compatible. The primary objective of boiler operation is to achieve optimum operating efficiency of the equipment, consistent with high reliability and low cost.

Energy Plus has experienced of managing more than 30 Lac machine hours of Boiler Operation and Maintenance. with Zero accident, Zero Breakdown, Zero fatality, less than ten minor injury, zero tube replacement even in 16 year old boiler, Safety in various industries, spanning over the entire Eastern Zone. Industries include Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Jute, Chemical & Dyeing, Packaging etc.

Standard Operating and maintenance procedures are followed, maintains checksheets to ensure the quality.


Processes to achieve bench mark standards of the specific industry.

  • IBR certified Boiler operators.
  • Liasioning with IBR for yearly check up. Complete team including semi skilled workforce for Fuel & Ash Handling.
  • Maintaining MIS
  • Monitoring and managing fuel, water, chemicals, spares and other consumables, quality and consumption.