Industrial Chimney

We are one of the leading suppliers of Industrial Chimney required for Boiler, Furnace and Generator. We design, fabricate, supply and install self- supported Chimney as per IS 6533 Part I/ Part II, IS 800, IS 875 Part III.

Our recent projects:

  1. Supplied and installed two nos. 33 mtrs high M.S chimney with external surface aluminized and pressured air receiver, SS Pipeline, Supply and application of epoxy paint at Golden Cross Pharma Pvt. Ltd., Sikkim
  2. Supply and Erection of 30 mtr. High MS Chimney with FO Storage tank, Water Service Tank at Keventer Agro Limited
  3. Supply and erection of Chimney along with Erection of 'Forbes Marshall' make two nos. 4TPH coal fired boilers and entire boiler house accessories at Indian Explosives Ltd. Gomia
  4. Supply & Installation of MS Chimney and Boiler accessories along with installation of 1 TPH Boiler at Dabur India Ltd., Jalpaiguri Plant
  5. Supply and installation of MS self-supported chimney at Zimdra Foods, Bhutan