'Baltur' make Burner

Energy Plus deals with products having international approval. For example, BALTUR S.P.A. of Italy is used for Mono Block Burners. Other products that Energy Plus uses for higher performance are ELF for Fuel Additive, and Boiler spares from different potential company make. BALTUR products have approvals of all major international quality control authorities like, DIN, CE, EN676, DVGW, TUV, and ISO 9001.

Some features of BALTUR products

  1. Global brand and global technology
  2. Conforms to all major international standard
  3. Oil/gas/dual Fuel Mono Block Burner from 17.8 kw to 44640 kw
  4. Best combustion efficiency
  5. High overall thermal /operating efficiency
  6. Multiple adaptability
  7. Easy to access for every single component, when it comes to servicing or repairing
  8. Safeties at per global standards
  9. Stringent/lowest emission levels to meet global standards EBMS and Controls for further energy saving

Note: For more details on BALTUR Products visit: www.baltur.com

Fuel Additive
PENNAR ELF Ac 13S is an organic-metal compound in solution of an aromatic solvent which is readily soluble in fuel oil and acts as combustion catalyst

Main Functions
  1. Significantly reduces the amount of soot and un-burnt hydrocarbons (above 50%) formed during combustion of heavy fuel oils
  2. Improve flame homogeneity
  3. Reduces deposits on heat transfer surfaces and achieve more efficiency in transferring heat in the convection zone
  4. Reduction in fuel consumption is achieved
Environmental Considerations
  1. Reduces un-burnt solids by at least 50%
  2. Reduces NOX by at least 30%
  3. Decreases emissions of black smoke and CO gas
  1. Energy Plus deals with genuine boiler spares of different national and international make
  2. Mechanical: Pumps, Nozzle, Burners etc.
  3. Electronic : Transformer, Photocell, Sequence Controller and others
Energy Plus has brought the internationally acclaimed products of BALTUR, Italy in Eastern India. For the last 50 years BALTUR S.P.A is considered to be one of the most renowned high performance Burner manufacturers of the world. With a State-of-the-art research centre of excellence, high skilled technicians, experts in combustion technology, policy that has been directed for environmental protection and rigorous tests performed for quality assurance, BALTUR is constantly engaged in designing advanced products to offer the high quality and high performance burner. For the combustion of fuel gas, light oil and heavy oil, BALTUR has designed burners that combine ever higher performance and efficiency with lower and lower toxic gas emissions (i.e. CO, NOX and SOX).

BALTUR products are listed among the high performance burner manufacturers of the world:
  1. Flexibility Of Fuel
    1. Light oil to Heavy oil
    2. Gaseous fuel and dual fuel
    1. Light Oil - 17.8 Kw/Hr to 47440 Kw/Hr
    2. Heavy Oil - 55 Kw/Hr to 44640 Kw/Hr
    3. Gas - 16.6 Kw/Hr to 44730 Kw/Hr
    4. Duel Fuel - (Gas-Light Oil) -38.5 Kw/Hr to 44730 Kw/Hr
    5. Duel Fuel - (Gas-Heavy Oil) - 348 Kw/Hr - 44640 Kw/Hr