To reach to the energy cost reduction goals and improve utility efficiencies, Energy Plus wants to help achieve your goal. By customizing our Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Service options, we can stabilize or lower your overall utility expenses.

For over a decade, Energy Plus has been developing and perfecting best practices for utility operations and maintenance. In the present scenario, we operate as a Facility Management system for industrial utilities in a number of organizations. Energy Plus provides Operation & Maintenance for every industrial utility like Boiler, Chiller, Compressor, Cooling Tower, Water Treatment plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, DG Set, and HVAC System.

Energy Plus has the competence and skill to take charge of Boilers and Thermal Fluid Heater with different fuels (Solid, Liquid and Gas), firing and controlling (from Manual to FBC as well as DCS control), Water Treatment Plant (Softener, DM, mixed Bed and RO Plant), Effluent Treatment Plant and other Utility Services. Till date, we have successfully manned Boilers and other Utility services for more than 100 Lacs machine hours. Our specialists can offer incredible guidance about proper combustion, effective utilization of heat and provide other energy conservation consultancies. Our engineers and operators will work directly with your management team to ensure that your energy system infrastructure is maintained efficiently and safely.

We have certain key energy and utility management services skill sets that set us apart from other outsourced organizations. We cater to almost all the industries like Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Chemicals, Steel, Food Products, Beverage, Fabric, etc. We are approved by the Boiler Directorate of West Bengal and Jharkhand, and can work with any Boiler Directorate of India.