Chartered Engineer Services

We are happy to announce that we have started offering Chartered Engineer Services to Industries.

Since we are working in North East region for many years, we have observed that in every industry there is a need of technical assessment and certification of Boiler, Pressure Vessel, Storage Tank etc. Being a Class I Boiler contractor registered under West Bengal Boiler Directorate and leading Boiler service provider of the region, we have come up with Chartered Engineer Services to cater the need of industry.

Our Chartered Engineers have more than thirty five years of experience in industry and have huge exposure in respective field. They assess various technical matters relating to Plant & Machinery, Infrastructure Projects, Boiler Hydraulic test etc. and certify these machineries.

Our Major Service includes :

  • Certification of IBR Material
  • Hydraulic Test of Boiler
  • Safety Valve Certification
  • Performance & Installation Certificate of installed equipments
  • Thickness Test of Chimney
  • Chimney Stability Test
  • Calibration of Tanks
  • Certification of any mechanical item as per customer requirement

We are confident that our services will serve assessment and certification requirement. Kindly get in touch at following contact detail.

For Service related queries : (+91) 83350 75883 |