Boiler Overhauling

We are the leading service contractor providing Annual IBR Re-certification and major maintenance of Boiler.

The specialised activity of Boiler Overhauling is undertaken and carried out by us giving due attention to every minute detail, keeping the safety of manpower and equipment in mind. The boiler is refurbished. The mountings and fittings are dismantled and erected post maintenance, in leak free condition, pressure parts de-scaled and manually cleaned. Quality and time is of paramount importance which is looked into meeting customer’s need. We shoulder responsibility for renewal of Boiler License and undertake all liaison work. We have gained immense experience in this domain and are engaged in providing Boiler Overhauling Service. 1st class IBR certified. More than 52 industrial boilers overhauled annually.

This includes replacement of Boiler tubes, ultrasonic thickness gauging, Overhauling & descaling of Boiler and maintenance work for water treatment plant.

By complying with necessary IBR regulation and norms, Energy Plus has set a notch apart by being the most structured and technically equipped maintenance service contractor for Boiler, Chimney, pipeline, insulation, painting, etc.