How to Maintain a Cooling Tower System

Energy Plus has trained our site engineers with the operation of cooling tower systems and to improve their understanding of the water/energy nexus with the goal of reducing energy, water and chemical consumption of the cooling systems through improved operations. By reinforcing strong operational practices, introducing new concepts and raising overall awareness of cooling tower operations, it is expected that a system will more likely be operated at or near peak efficiency.

  • Our goals with respect to cooling tower operations is to:
  • Protect the health and safety of building occupants and technical personnel as related to the treatment of water and the handling of associated chemicals.
  • Maximize the efficiency of HVAC equipment.
  • Protect equipment from scale, corrosion, and deleterious micro-bio activity such that cleaning and repairs of equipment due to water problems are not required.
  • Achieving these goals will save energy, water, chemicals and costs while improving sustainability by reducing consumption of scarce resources.

Cooling Tower Operations Checklist

  1. Determine makeup water quality – Make up water quality is most critical factor for cooling tower system. This will enable the establishment of target Cycles of Concentration (COC).
  2. We Energy Plus team test the makeup water quality at site to ensure TDS, PH, Hardness of the system.
  3. Establish target Cycles of Concentration (COC) – Based on makeup water quality, set a practical COC goal using the Target Cycles of Concentration.
  4. Monitor COC and water performance frequently – Keeping the system running at peak COCs while staying within water performance levels will maximize efficiency and protect equipment.
  5. Automate where possible – Utilize automated monitoring and alarms when available and cost effective. Implement direct chemical feeds at the makeup distribution. Implementation of temperature controller is cost effective.
  6. Protect the equipment –We Energy Plus team maintain the regular chemical dosing as per requirement to ensure no corrosion, scale buildup or bio-fouling is occurring, which is important to protect the system and equipment’s.
  7. Water Flow rate- Water flow rate is a vital factor for heat transfer of a cooling tower system, as well as efficiency of cooling tower. We Energy Plus team carefully maintain pump flow rate and clean the strainers of system.


Installation of Boiler – IBR Regulation in India

Boilers are used in industries to generate steam and power. The food, beverage, jute, chemical-processing, pharmaceutical, paper, packaging, steel, and many more industries use boilers. To install boilers certain regulatory requisites are to be fulfilled and maintained for which only approved and authorized companies are entitled to undertake such skilled work.

Regulations to Keep in Mind

An unfortunate incident of boiler explosion, in Calcutta in 1863, led to the loss of several lives. This incident prompted the introduction of boiler inspection. In the year 1864, the Bengal Act VI of 1864 was passed which provided for the inspection of steam boilers and prime movers in the town and suburbs of Calcutta. This is the beginning of boiler legislation in India.

As per the Indian Boiler Act, boilers have to go through an in-depth inspection. The inspectors assess the design and materials used in the manufacturing of boilers for reasons of safety.

The method of installing a boiler is assessed as well. Prior to the installation of boilers, one should bear in mind the mandatory regulations required to be followed to install a boiler. A reputed Boiler Repairer, approved by Boiler Directorate, is authorized to carry out such installation work.

Why Should You Contact Us?

We are well-known Mechanical and Electrical Utility Solution Provider from Kolkata. We install Boilers/TF Heaters with all accessories. All types of mechanical and electrical utility equipment are installed in industrial and commercial sectors. We are 1st Class Certified, as Boiler Repairer, by the Boiler Directorate.

Our services range from installation of boiler, supply and installation of balance of plant, design, fabrication, supply & installation of industrial boiler chimney, pressure vessels, storage tanks including air receivers to operation and maintenance of boiler, chiller, hvac, cooling tower, treated and untreated water, air compressor, et al mechanical and electrical utility equipment. Our clients range from corporate and non-corporate sectors, government and private organizations.

We at Energy Plus are authorized boiler repairers and credited to install Boilers in India. Being the most reliable in the sector, our servicemen can visit your site on a regular basis for periodic maintenance and service. Get the best from us at an affordable price.

How Much Does an Industrial Chimney Installation Cost in India?

India is a land of industries. When you drive past by a factory, you must have seen tall chimneys which are installed within the precinct of an industry. Your eyes must have caught the sight of smoke which comes out of chimneys. The colour of smoke defines the emission of pollution. It is indeed a strenuous effort to build industrial chimneys for various industries. You need to have the expertise. It is important that you get the industrial chimneys supplied and erected from a trusted service provider. To install industrial chimneys for your industry, you should get in touch with renowned Industrial Chimney Suppliers in India.

Opt for the Best Industrial Chimney for Your Plant

Our Industrial Chimney, Design, Supply and Installation across pan India have notched immense reputation. The sturdy structure has stood many a wind and seismic test apart from being durable if well maintained.

We are one of the leading suppliers of Industrial Chimneys for Boilers, Furnaces and Generators. The design followed is as per structural design base IS 6533 Part I/Part II, Seismic Zone IS 1893, material IS 2062, wind speed IS 875 and IS 800 Part III. We also construct civil foundations post design, required for installation of industrial chimney.

Our Credibility

We have supplied and installed nearly 100 Industrial Chimney in various industries throughout India. The maximum chimney height supplied and installed is 48 Meters. The top and bottom diameter ranges from 200mm to 1500mm and from 1000mm to 3000mm respectively. We design, fabricate, supply and install Industrial Chimney for Process Boiler.

The chimney outer surface is painted with 400 degree centigrade heat resistant aluminum paint after adequate surface treatment. The inner surface of the chimney is painted with heat resistant black bituminous paint.

Our customers who have restored their trust in us – Coca Cola, Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd., BATA India Ltd., Britannia Industries,  CIPLA Ltd., Dabur India Ltd., Indian Explosives, Bihar Dairies, Keventer Agro, Parle Agro, GMP Technical (ITC Bangalore), Microlabs Ltd., Gloster Ltd, Ganges Jute Pvt. Ltd. to name a few.

Industrial chimneys are either self-supported or guy rope fixed that are designed by our experienced and trusted designers. Attention is given to every minute detail by our team of engineers who put in their best to install a strong and sturdy built self-supported industrial chimney that can stand the cruel test of nature.

Cost of Industrial Chimneys

The cost of the boiler chimneys vary due to its dimension, structural material, installation terrain, etc. The effective cost for a self supported MS Industrial Chimney ranges from 9 lakhs to 14 lakhs approximately depending on the above parameters.

Install an industrial chimney from the most trusted industrial utility service provider in India. We are a call away to assist you install a chimney in full or part, for painting or thickness testing, for aviation lamp or lightning arrestor at an affordable cost. Now, when you think of chimney think of Energy Plus.