Advantages Of Turnkey Project

A Turnkey project refers to a project in which the supplier or the provider is responsible to the client for the entire result of the concerned project and it is presented to the client completely accomplished and ready to use. A general contractor is the supplier of a turnkey project.

In the case of a turnkey project, the supplier takes on the complete responsibility for the adherence to factors like delivery dates, the scope and the cost of the entire subject of delivery to the customer. Thus, the customers are in no way affected by any sort of risks regarding the project. Turnkey project execution in India is certainly most-dealt-with aspect in an industry. Like any other key project or industrial factor, this also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It allows a country to share technological factors. Energy Plus is one of such companies that deal with numerous turnkey projects and has succeeded in providing the best service.

Turnkey projects actually reduce the burden of managing or supervising industrial projects. Our team at Energy Plus has so far carried on innumerable contracts with élan. Being a reliable industrial utility service provider, we have never compromised with our services.

The reduced project timelines is certainly a very prominent advantage. Designing and executing are completely into the hands of the contractor. This helps in producing a better quality of work.

Turnkey projects deliver the cost savings to the customers because customers are responsible for the huge amount agreed upon during contract negotiations.

Are You Buying A Chiller For Your Industry? These Tips Might Help!

Choosing an Industrial chiller might apparently seem quite an easy task, but it is just the contrast. Before one decides to get a particular chiller for his industry, it is better to know certain nitty gritty regarding this in order to avoid the hassles.

It is definitely true that all chillers perform the same essential function but there are also more points to consider beyond a chiller’s basic ability to cool. You have to be sure of some points before taking the vital decision. Chiller operation & maintenance in India is definitely one of the vital issues ever discussed in the industrial arena. Therefore, it is better to deal with the unavoidable points to consider:

Portable or Central Chillers –
Decide on this first. One of the several different ways you can break chillers into groups is by dividing them into portable or central chillers. Our company Energy Plus guides regarding both types of chillers and you can surely pick the suitable one for your industry. It mainly depends on the space of the industry you are dealing with.

Air Cooled or Water Cooled –
This is yet another category for chillers. The difference between these two types of machines is the way in which they operate and the method they use to produce a cooling effect on your building and machines. Thus you should choose as per your need in the industry you own. The chiller business is not as regular a practice as Industrial chimney supplier in India but you will certainly get them in the top-notch companies. At Energy Plus, we will provide you with the best maintenance and support of industrial chillers, so that they function effectively for years.

Maintenance and Efficiency –
You should be very conscious of these two aspects. Get those chillers for your industry which have efficiency and can be easily maintained. Our team at Energy Plus has always come up with the most efficient chiller maintenance policies and has held high reputation over the years.

Chillers are the most essential components for any industry. But the right one needs to be chosen as per industry purpose. The above discussed are some important tips for buying the best chillers.

Why Boiler Overhauling and Maintenance is Required?

Boilers are a must in case of generating power. Whether it’s for domestic help or outdoor needs, oil, coal or even natural gas is used as a source of heat for a boiler. Therefore, boiler overhauling is a necessity at definite intervals to maintain its perfect condition and let it run without getting damaged. Breakdowns can cost a fortune if not maintained properly.

What is overhauling?
Maintenance is required for any complicated hardware tool that we use. For one as complex as the boiler, maintenance is a must. Regular maintenance and overhauling nullify any disadvantage that may have been caused to the boiler. In India, there is a big amount of ports present and even greater is the number of ships. Hence, the work rate is fairly high and lots of boilers run continuously. Thus, boiler operation and maintenance in India is a very important aspect of handling a ship.

Advantages of maintenance and overhauling
Boiler maintenance and overhauling have its set of advantages that are achieved in the process. It can be done in every alternate shift by the person in charge of the servicing. Or, it can be done every alternate day, every alternate month and even every alternate year.

During shifts, boiler water level and steam pressure are checked on the gauge. Daily maintenance is a little more complicated than that, consisting of a thorough checkup of the visual appearance and fuel pressure. In the monthly and annual maintenance checks, a major damage or a crack is searched for. Furthermore, the heating and heated parts are thoroughly cleaned and frequently washed so that any discrepancy is removed and the boiler is devoid of any handhole cover.

At Energy Plus India, an industrial utility service provider, we provide boiler overhauling and maintenance services to different companies and also install boilers whenever required. For over 16 years, we have offered our services to various fields and still continue to do so, boasting of over 300 skilled professionals. Our clients vary across corporate, non-corporate, private or government organizations and with experience on our back, we expect to grow and provide our services to a wider clientele.

How Regular HVAC Maintenance Can Lower Utility Bills?

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning – or, HVAC – is a soaring business in the rat-race of providing more and more comfort to human beings. They warm you up in winter and keep you cool during summer. In countries like India, where the difference between summer and winter is vast, these systems are much needed. And, although they can sometimes present a weirdly high electric bill, proper maintenance of air compressor operation in India to reduce the bills!

How to lower the utility bills?
Regular and proper maintenance of the HVAC system is a must, to keep it intact. The idea is to schedule a service test every 6 months to prevent a drop in quality.

HVAC systems have one specific temperature range to be maintained at, beyond which it might not work properly. Also, too much fluctuating of the system temperature is strictly prohibited as that may cause a permanent damage.

Another maintenance tip to follow is changing the air filter at regular intervals. Industrial Utility Service Providers like Energy Plus give a definite interval to follow to keep your system intact and reduce utility bills.

Operation and maintenance
The operation of a HVAC system needs proper maintenance as well. For these to operate with optimum efficiency, you need to maintain room temperatures. The most important thing is to have a programmable thermostat always ready to be used. They help reduce the usage of energy by a fair margin. Mechanical utility service providers in India emphasize the importance of these AHU devices that regulate and operate as a part of HVAC systems. The better their efficiency, the more improved output customers get. As a result of which, the utility cost gets lowered.

At Energy Plus, a Kolkata-based Indian mechanical and electrical utility service provider, we cater to several corporate and non-corporate organizations, as well as government and private organizations. For over 17 years, we have built a strong work environment that deals with the fabrication and installation of various industrial utilities like air receivers, chimneys etc. What distinguishes us with our peers is our systematic approach to any project that we receive. We have a dedicated team of over 300 employees who with their sheer knowledge and efficiency deliver the best output possible.

5 Common Applications of a Water Treatment Plant

Industries and many residential homes have their own water treatment plants. We at Energy Plus India essentially have always put up the importance of anything related to the well-being of industrial plants ahead.
Here we have also enumerated why the application of a water treatment plant is important and how our team will be the most efficient one in implementing them.

Surface Water Treatment is an extreme necessity
A treatment plant like a surface water treatment is a necessity as it used to make surface water useful and fit for the municipal application. Water is known to have several suspended impurities like colloidal matter, and organic components which must be removed with the use of a proper water treatment plant.

Containerized Water Treatment Plants can also be promoted
Using the option for a containerized water treatment plant is one of the top picks for our efficient team at Energy Plus India, as it is one of the best ways to make water pollutant-free in several remote areas.

Ozone Based Water Plant taking the new lead
This water treatment plant is a great way of purifying water in pools and water present in cooling towers with the use of ozone. Ozone acts as a great disinfectant for many microorganisms including many parasites.

Package Wastewater Plant is also quite the deal
Our teams also specializing in boiler overhauling suggest wastewater treatment, using the methods of aeration as a great way to treat water. It is used at many recreational, educational and mining sites.

Mobile Water Treatment Plants are also winning hearts
This is yet another popular water treatment facility that uses reverse osmosis and wastewater treatment methods to treat water. These facilities are usually moved from place to place.

We are a Kolkata based company and we have been in business for providing the best kind of water treatment plants in India for several years. All our primary focuses have been entirely industry related and we have time and again provided our best services for customers in several industries. We offer WTP and ETP plants along with RO Plant, Softener, DM Plant, and Iron Removal Filter, as per the Industry requirement. The raw water from the source is treated to the required level of purity, based on the application, where the water quality plays a vital role. We can design and supply all kind of water treatment schemes for your requirement. These are the most cost-effective and technically proven system to remove the unwanted and hazardous chemical from the wastewater; to meet the statutory pollution control requirement.

We hope you choose us for your water treatment plant installation, ETP, STP operation & maintenance, as and when required.

Energy Plus –India’s best Industrial Utility Service Providers

Energy Plus is a Kolkata based ISO 9001:2015 company. We are in the profession of offering Industrial Utility management Solutions and Services under a single roof since 2001. We provide a variety of services ranging from installation of IBR Boiler to design, fabrication and installation of Industrial Chimney, Pressure vessel, Pipelines, Storage Tank, Pollution Control Equipment, industry Fire Hydrant system and mechanical structure, Operation & Maintenance of Boiler, Heater , DG Set, HVAC system, Water Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant Air Compressor, Chiller, Cooling Tower, etc. We are approved by Boiler Directorate and hold a first class certification.

Why is Energy Plus the best?

Single Window Multiple Service

We always focus on meeting customer deadlines without hampering the quality of service. Our strength lies in this. Keeping the above things in mind we have introduced single window solution in industrial utilities. Multiple services are made available to our customers through a single window which gives them the ease to meet their requirements.   

Experience of many years

ENERGY PLUS Group began its journey in the year 2001 and has since emerged as a leading Utility Service Provider, especially in the field of Boiler Installation, Boiler Operation & Maintenance. It has an experience of more than 17 years. While a custom-built solution and systematic approach is our core strength, Energy Plus has a team of more than 300 self-motivated, success-oriented professional who has been extensively trained to meet industrial utility needs.  

Safety and Statutory Compliance

We strongly believe that ‘All accidents are preventable’. We assess possible safety hazards and take necessary precaution before doing any work. All of our personnel are covered by statutory health insurance. We also provide PPE (Personal Protective Equipments) to our employees who are engaged in industrial activities.   

Dependable and Trustworthy

We believe in the long-term business relationship. Our every effort is made to keep our customers satisfied. We are tremendously privileged to be associated with our customers year after year. Our services have spread over long areas, giving us a strong customer base.

So, if there is any requirement for any of the services mentioned above, we at Energy Plus, an industrial utility service provider, are always ready to provide our service to our customers.

Managing the Risks of Industrial Pipeline Installations

Be it any sector or industry but the Industrial Pipeline often are the backbone of many. So for the efficient functioning of these industries smooth working of the pipeline systems is critical. So this is why you need the right installation and maintenance of these systems so that they function properly without any difficulty in the long run. Unfortunately, it is seen that utilities frequently experience failures in recently installed piping systems. The risks associated with improper piping systems are many.

Major hazardous operational risks

Improperly installed and poor quality piping systems offer significant operational risks. These could be all the more if the piping systems are used for carrying hazardous materials. Thus any leak or defect in these pipelines could lead to major hazards. Thus care must be taken so that these piping systems are installed properly. They must be carried out by experts in the field.

Improper installation lead to higher Repairing and Maintenance Costs

It is seen that if the piping systems have not been installed rightly, then soon it may lead to a significant escalation of repairing and maintenance costs. To keep the costs low for better profitability has become critical in the age of cut-throat competition. This is another major risk which is involved with the improper installation of piping systems. So the right installation of the piping systems initially would mean lower costs and thus better profitability in the long run, which is critical in this very competitive industrial scenario.

Meeting strict safety regulations

Certain industries have very strict safety norms and regulations. Failing to meet these strict industrial safety regulations may threaten the very survival of the plants. This is why proper installation, as well as maintenance of piping systems, is an essential requirement for any industry. This is why you need the experts in the field who can do the job of industrial piping systems well.

Energy Plus India: Experts in the field

For any industrial utility operation in India, Energy Plus India are the undisputed leaders in the field. We are an ISO 9001: 2015 Company based in Kolkata who been offering the best Industrial Utility Management Solutions and services under one roof, over a long period that begun way back in the year 2001. We offer a wide range of the industrial related key services like installation of the boiler in India, along with Industrial Chimney Installation in India, and much more. As a part of services, we are also experts in the field of Industrial Utility Pipeline installation which has become an essential requirement for various industries and sectors.

Being in the field of providing the best industrial utility management solutions and services since long we have a very rich experience and helps us provide the best services. Apart from this, we act as the single window for multiple industrial services. This means that you need not run around for availing the different industrial service providers. You can have all the most essential industrial services under one roof. It is this experience which helps us to stay updated with the latest safety norms and thus we can provide you with the best industrial services at all times.

So be it for industrial pipeline installation or any other industrial service make sure to Contact Us! for the best services in the field

Important Considerations for Installation and Functioning of Industrial Boilers

Be it in any industry you would know that industrial boilers are one of the most critical components that drive industries. This has been so since the early days. It is true that it is a simple process, which involves transferring heat to water in order to create steam. Boilers are a key link in the production of energy. When heated to its boiling point, each unit of water expands many times and thereafter forms steam. This steam can be harnessed to provide power to generate electricity, heat buildings and perform other useful work.

Why right Boiler installation and maintenance is essential?

It is true that the boilers perform many important functions. However, at the same time, this expansive power of steam can be dangerous if not monitored or properly handled. It is why boiler safety devices are so important to have in place and be fully operational. It is important they are rightly installed and maintained.

The 2 most important boiler safety devices:

Safety Release Valve

When it comes to proper boiler functioning for proper boiler safety the safety valve is a key device. This is what ensures the opening to release excess pressure that forms inside a boiler. You must note that the safety release valves rely on mechanical actuation, such as a spring-loaded component. They usually do not require electrical power or other potentially-unreliable inputs to function. It is true that their design is not complex. However at the same time, they do demand careful attention, maintenance and testing to ensure a perfect response in case of an emergency.

To ensure that the proper functioning of the safety valves of boilers you need to use the services of approved repair professional in the field. He is the one who has the right expertise and can ensure that the safety valves function properly. Apart from this ensure that the incoming water supply is pure. Boilers are often susceptible, to scaling and rust as a result of impurities in water which comes into the boilers. This is why it’s important to have pure water.

Low Water Cut- off Valve

While having boilers installed at your manufacturing facilities you must also note that boilers also utilize another type of valve to maintain safe operating conditions. This is basically a device which is used to monitor water levels within a boiler. It responds with appropriate actions should the water level drop too low. A low water level is very risky and hazardous. The reason is that water serves as a coolant to keep the metal casing from being overheated. In case there is a leak or failure to maintain an appropriate water level, then the metal will heat beyond its safe point and fail.

In order to ensure proper functioning of boilers and their safety, the cut off valves must work in tandem. Apart from this the proper inspection and maintenance of the cut off safety valves become crucial for the better safety of the boilers.

In conclusion, we can say that if you are looking for the installation of the boiler in India then you must ensure that the installation is done correctly by experts in the field. You need experts in the field to be it for Boiler Installation, Boiler Operation, Boiler Overhauling or Boiler maintenance. Get it done only from experts in the field.

Effective Tips on the Way to Care and Maintain Industrial Chiller

Industrial chiller is very important for the proper functioning of a factory. Chillers get congested at times and create huge nuisance in industry operations.

These essential tips will help you eradicate problems with chillers –

Keep a daily log

Keeping a daily log is essential for any industrial heavy equipment. Always have a data ready for your chillers. Parameters like temperature, pressure, fluid levels and flow rates should be recorded and monitored. These will come in help during maintenance and repair. Remote monitoring technologies will allow you to inspect your machines periodically. It will also allow you to generate trend reports that can pinpoint functional problems.

Keep tubes clean

This is crucial for effective heat transfer. Condenser tubes should be cleaned at regular interval. Industrial Chiller performance will be greatly compromised if the heat transfer is interrupted by contaminants. Cleaning ensures that the tubes remain free of sludge, mud, scale, algae, dust and other contaminants.

Treat condenser water

Condenser water loops that uses open cooling sources requires water treatment to stay free from corrosion, scale and biological growth. The water quality should be well monitored to ensure proper chilling and heat transfer.

Decrease entering water temperature

Decreasing the temperature of the entering water increases chiller efficiency. Keeping the chilled water flow between 3 to 12 feet per second ensures better efficiency.

Maintain proper level of refrigerant

Keep the refrigerant level as per the chilling requirements. Too low or too high level of refrigerants is detrimental for the health of chillers.

Check compressor oil

Send compressor oil samples to laboratories to check its quality. This spectrometric analysis reveals a lot about the overall health of the chiller. Change the oil when the reports indicate anything wrong.

Install variable speed drivers

As the chillers have huge electrical intake, VSD should be installed for electric saving. This also prevents electric charge overflow.

Chillers in most cases represent the single largest electric load in a plant. Hence, proper chiller maintenance is very important too keep it light on pocket. At Energy Plus, we offer best of its kind chiller operation and maintenance in India to give you a smooth factory experience.

An Essential Guide on Storage Tank Fabrication in India

Storage tank fabrication is crucial for every industrial production. Knowing about the types of tanks and building materials is also very important.

At Energy Plus, we have pioneered the field of storage fabrication in India, we want share our experiences with you regarding the same.

First let us be aware of the kinds of storage tanks.

Types of storage tanks

Spherical Storage Tanks: These kinds of tanks are used predominantly for the purpose of storing high pressure fluids. They provide even distribution of stresses on the sphere surfaces.

Advantage: They have smaller surface area per unit volume.

Disadvantage: Costliest among the storage tanks.

Cylindrical Storage Tanks: These are more widely used than spherical cylinders for their cost efficiency. Though, they may have weaker points that can be averted by constructing them from the material used in the construction of spherical tanks.

Advantage: Costs less than spherical tanks

Disadvantage: Has many weak points.

Fixed roof storage tanks: A fixed roof storage tank consists of a cylindrical steel shell with a cone or dome shaped roof that is permanently fixed to the shell.

Advantage: It has a breather valve that allows the tank to operate at the slightest internal pressure. This is the least expensive option.

Disadvantage: They are the most minimally acceptable form of storage.

Floating roof storage tanks: These tanks stores near atmosphere pressure. Floating roofs are designed to move vertically within the frame of the tank to provide a constant minimum gap between the product surface and the ceiling and provide a continuous seal between the periphery of the tank and the floating roof.

Advantage: Can be used in the areas of extreme rainfall and snowfall

Disadvantage: Very expensive and involves complex machinery.

Materials of construction

Storage tanks are welded from both stainless steel and carbon steel. Let us tell you the benefits of both.

Stainless Steel Carbon Steel
Resistant to corrosion Better heat distribution
Extremely durable Wear resistant
Eco-friendly Has higher carbon content
Leak free Good for indoor storage
Long life span Malleable
Various linings can be added More affordable
Affordable Requires less materials
Recyclable Can be heated up easily
Wide range of products can be stored Harder and stronger

Storage tank fabrication is a tedious process and should be done in accordance with the budget, place of storage, weather, type of products etc. Use the above guidelines for a stress free storage.