Why Regular Industrial Chimney Repair And Inspection Is A Must?

While managing an industrial unit or a factory, you must regularly inspect and carry on maintenance of chimneys. A chimney is the passage which passes smoke and heat to the outside of your factory, thus keeping your factory congestion-free and safe from harmful pollutants.

Established in 2001, our company Energy Plus India is engaged in industrial utility operation in India by managing boilers, chillers, air compressors, WTP, ETP, DG etc. Our team of highly experienced and skilled professionals successfully look after every detail of your chimney, and take various measures to maintain it periodically with affordable cost.

 Reasons To Inspect And Maintain Chimneys

You need to keep the chimneys free from residual particles and chemical dust. These things come from smokes which pass through the chimneys. If these things block the chimneys, then your factory unit will become congested with smoke and pollutants. This is harmful for the health of workers, and at the same time, the machines can experience faults which can hamper production.

If you don’t maintain your chimneys regularly, then various health committees and pollution control boards may penalise you. So, always try to keep certain delicate parts of chimney clean. These parts are the interior, the top, areas around breeching duct inlets, inspection ports, upper reaches of ladders, platforms and fall-arrest systems. 

Effects of stresses and wears and tears are very common problems experienced by the chimneys due to high variations of temperatures, chemical effects, the constant flow of smokes, seismic activities etc. Concrete chimneys may experience hairline cracks and shrinkage cracks, and these may lead to leakage and deterioration.

The chimney also makes passage of steam. And due to that, a chimney may experience rust which can make it thinner. Again, harmful by-products of a factory can lead to thinning and de-lamination of fiberglass reinforced plastic liners or shells, and this may cause leaks and possible fires.

Brief Description About Maintenance

There are various industrial chimney suppliers in India, but there are only a few organizations who can properly maintain your chimneys. Our professionals at Energy Plus India carry out customized inspections and chalk out plans to repair and maintain the chimneys. Our non-destructive ultrasonic thickness inspection perfectly identifies the thinner areas of the metal body. Our rope-access techniques help us to properly detect and fix the glitches to prevent the hazards.

Advantages Of Turnkey Project

A Turnkey project refers to a project in which the supplier or the provider is responsible to the client for the entire result of the concerned project and it is presented to the client completely accomplished and ready to use. A general contractor is the supplier of a turnkey project.

In the case of a turnkey project, the supplier takes on the complete responsibility for the adherence to factors like delivery dates, the scope and the cost of the entire subject of delivery to the customer. Thus, the customers are in no way affected by any sort of risks regarding the project. Turnkey project execution in India is certainly most-dealt-with aspect in an industry. Like any other key project or industrial factor, this also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It allows a country to share technological factors. Energy Plus is one of such companies that deal with numerous turnkey projects and has succeeded in providing the best service.

Turnkey projects actually reduce the burden of managing or supervising industrial projects. Our team at Energy Plus has so far carried on innumerable contracts with élan. Being a reliable industrial utility service provider, we have never compromised with our services.

The reduced project timelines is certainly a very prominent advantage. Designing and executing are completely into the hands of the contractor. This helps in producing a better quality of work.

Turnkey projects deliver the cost savings to the customers because customers are responsible for the huge amount agreed upon during contract negotiations.

Energy Plus –India’s best Industrial Utility Service Providers

Energy Plus is a Kolkata based ISO 9001:2015 company. We are in the profession of offering Industrial Utility management Solutions and Services under a single roof since 2001. We provide a variety of services ranging from installation of IBR Boiler to design, fabrication and installation of Industrial Chimney, Pressure vessel, Pipelines, Storage Tank, Pollution Control Equipment, industry Fire Hydrant system and mechanical structure, Operation & Maintenance of Boiler, Heater , DG Set, HVAC system, Water Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant Air Compressor, Chiller, Cooling Tower, etc. We are approved by Boiler Directorate and hold a first class certification.

Why is Energy Plus the best?

Single Window Multiple Service

We always focus on meeting customer deadlines without hampering the quality of service. Our strength lies in this. Keeping the above things in mind we have introduced single window solution in industrial utilities. Multiple services are made available to our customers through a single window which gives them the ease to meet their requirements.   

Experience of many years

ENERGY PLUS Group began its journey in the year 2001 and has since emerged as a leading Utility Service Provider, especially in the field of Boiler Installation, Boiler Operation & Maintenance. It has an experience of more than 17 years. While a custom-built solution and systematic approach is our core strength, Energy Plus has a team of more than 300 self-motivated, success-oriented professional who has been extensively trained to meet industrial utility needs.  

Safety and Statutory Compliance

We strongly believe that ‘All accidents are preventable’. We assess possible safety hazards and take necessary precaution before doing any work. All of our personnel are covered by statutory health insurance. We also provide PPE (Personal Protective Equipments) to our employees who are engaged in industrial activities.   

Dependable and Trustworthy

We believe in the long-term business relationship. Our every effort is made to keep our customers satisfied. We are tremendously privileged to be associated with our customers year after year. Our services have spread over long areas, giving us a strong customer base.

So, if there is any requirement for any of the services mentioned above, we at Energy Plus, an industrial utility service provider, are always ready to provide our service to our customers.

How Much Does an Industrial Chimney Installation Cost in India?

India is a land of industries. When you drive past by a factory, you must have seen tall chimneys which are installed within the precinct of an industry. Your eyes must have caught the sight of smoke which comes out of chimneys. The colour of smoke defines the emission of pollution. It is indeed a strenuous effort to build industrial chimneys for various industries. You need to have the expertise. It is important that you get the industrial chimneys supplied and erected from a trusted service provider. To install industrial chimneys for your industry, you should get in touch with renowned Industrial Chimney Suppliers in India.

Opt for the Best Industrial Chimney for Your Plant

Our Industrial Chimney, Design, Supply and Installation across pan India have notched immense reputation. The sturdy structure has stood many a wind and seismic test apart from being durable if well maintained.

We are one of the leading suppliers of Industrial Chimneys for Boilers, Furnaces and Generators. The design followed is as per structural design base IS 6533 Part I/Part II, Seismic Zone IS 1893, material IS 2062, wind speed IS 875 and IS 800 Part III. We also construct civil foundations post design, required for installation of industrial chimney.

Our Credibility

We have supplied and installed nearly 100 Industrial Chimney in various industries throughout India. The maximum chimney height supplied and installed is 48 Meters. The top and bottom diameter ranges from 200mm to 1500mm and from 1000mm to 3000mm respectively. We design, fabricate, supply and install Industrial Chimney for Process Boiler.

The chimney outer surface is painted with 400 degree centigrade heat resistant aluminum paint after adequate surface treatment. The inner surface of the chimney is painted with heat resistant black bituminous paint.

Our customers who have restored their trust in us – Coca Cola, Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd., BATA India Ltd., Britannia Industries,  CIPLA Ltd., Dabur India Ltd., Indian Explosives, Bihar Dairies, Keventer Agro, Parle Agro, GMP Technical (ITC Bangalore), Microlabs Ltd., Gloster Ltd, Ganges Jute Pvt. Ltd. to name a few.

Industrial chimneys are either self-supported or guy rope fixed that are designed by our experienced and trusted designers. Attention is given to every minute detail by our team of engineers who put in their best to install a strong and sturdy built self-supported industrial chimney that can stand the cruel test of nature.

Cost of Industrial Chimneys

The cost of the boiler chimneys vary due to its dimension, structural material, installation terrain, etc. The effective cost for a self supported MS Industrial Chimney ranges from 9 lakhs to 14 lakhs approximately depending on the above parameters.

Install an industrial chimney from the most trusted industrial utility service provider in India. We are a call away to assist you install a chimney in full or part, for painting or thickness testing, for aviation lamp or lightning arrestor at an affordable cost. Now, when you think of chimney think of Energy Plus.