Best Guidance To Care & Maintain Industrial Chillers

Chillers actually act as a plant’s single largest electrical load supplier. Maintenance works of the chillers involve repairing and cleaning of tubes and ducts, repairing and preventing the leakages of refrigerants, decreasing the operating cost and saving energy. Chiller operation and maintenance in India has reached a new height after the latest developments in centrifugal chillers and magnetic bearing chillers. Latest remote monitoring technologies also help a lot.
Our company Energy Plus India acts as a mechanical project company to provide utility services. So, as an expert here,

We will point out by what techniques you can maintain industrial chillers.

If you keep daily or periodical records of temperatures, pressures, levels of fluids and residual precipitation, then this history of operating details will help you understand as to how and when you should maintain your chiller. You can use remote monitoring technologies for continuous monitoring.

To get high performance, you need to ensure that the heat transfer through the pipes remains efficient. Make sure that there is no dirt, residual minerals, ores, mud, scale, algae present in the pipes. Approach temperatures indicate heat transfer efficiency, and higher approach temperatures indicate that heat transfer is not efficient. You must clean the condenser tubes at least once a year.

Condenser water loops use open cooling sources to cool; such water needs to undergo treatment to remove scale, residue, and biological dirt. Otherwise, heat transfer will be affected and the effectiveness of pipes and ducts will decrease. Inspect chilled water loops at least once a year.

If you keep the entering water temperature low, then your chiller’s efficiency will increase.

Chilled water flow rate affects the efficiency of a chiller. Low flow rate decreases the efficiency. The minimum flow rate should be approximately 3-feet per second (FPS). High flow rate causes vibration, noise, and erosion of tubes. The maximum flow rate should be approximately 12 FPS.

Amount of coolness of a chiller depends on the amount of refrigerant which passes through the compressor. Prevent the leakage of refrigerant and prevent air and moisture, which will cause increased efficiency.

Analyze the lubricating oil of the compressor once a year. If necessary, then change the oil. You need to prevent high moisture to improve purge run hours. Check the oil filters, and if the pressure drops, then you need to change them. You don’t need to take this headache for magnetic bearing frictionless chillers.
Regularly check and remove faults from the entire electrical system which involves starters, gears, motors, wiring etc.

You can install variable speed drives to save energy. These drives match the motor efficiency and lower the inrush current during starting of motors.

Tips To Keep Your Boiler Operation Healthy And Functional

Industrial boilers are pressurized systems that burn combustible fuel or use electricity to heat water that is used to provide heating in your building. Certain steps are necessary to keep your boiler operation healthy and functional. We at Energy Plus, a trusted provider of Boiler Operation & Maintenance in India are providing you some tips in order to help you take care of your boiler:

Keep up the pressure
The boiler and the rest of your heating system will lose pressure over time. Your system needs the right amount of pressure to operate properly; too low and your boiler won’t fire up; too high and there’ll be the excess strain on the pipes and equipment. Just check the pressure gauge on your boiler regularly. The gauge should be pointing between 1 and 1.5 bars. If it falls below this, you’ll need to top up the pressure of your boiler. Each boiler will have particular ways to increase the pressure, so consult the instruction manual.

Arrange for an annual service
You should get your boiler and heating system serviced at least once a year. At some time, you’ll need an annual boiler servicing to keep the warranty valid. Regular boiler checks will help it to run smoothly and safely.

At Energy Plus, we understand the value of maintaining the boiler and is always prepared with any kind of boiler operation and maintenance in different cities in India. With our increasing list of satisfied customers and years of experience, we cannot lay enough stress on how much boiler maintenance can avert future complexities.

Thus, to properly maintain your boilers, follow the steps provided by us at Energy Plus, an industrial utility service provider. You are definitely going to benefit from this.

Are You Buying A Chiller For Your Industry? These Tips Might Help!

Choosing an Industrial chiller might apparently seem quite an easy task, but it is just the contrast. Before one decides to get a particular chiller for his industry, it is better to know certain nitty gritty regarding this in order to avoid the hassles.

It is definitely true that all chillers perform the same essential function but there are also more points to consider beyond a chiller’s basic ability to cool. You have to be sure of some points before taking the vital decision. Chiller operation & maintenance in India is definitely one of the vital issues ever discussed in the industrial arena. Therefore, it is better to deal with the unavoidable points to consider:

Portable or Central Chillers –
Decide on this first. One of the several different ways you can break chillers into groups is by dividing them into portable or central chillers. Our company Energy Plus guides regarding both types of chillers and you can surely pick the suitable one for your industry. It mainly depends on the space of the industry you are dealing with.

Air Cooled or Water Cooled –
This is yet another category for chillers. The difference between these two types of machines is the way in which they operate and the method they use to produce a cooling effect on your building and machines. Thus you should choose as per your need in the industry you own. The chiller business is not as regular a practice as Industrial chimney supplier in India but you will certainly get them in the top-notch companies. At Energy Plus, we will provide you with the best maintenance and support of industrial chillers, so that they function effectively for years.

Maintenance and Efficiency –
You should be very conscious of these two aspects. Get those chillers for your industry which have efficiency and can be easily maintained. Our team at Energy Plus has always come up with the most efficient chiller maintenance policies and has held high reputation over the years.

Chillers are the most essential components for any industry. But the right one needs to be chosen as per industry purpose. The above discussed are some important tips for buying the best chillers.

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Effective Tips on the Way to Care and Maintain Industrial Chiller

Industrial chiller is very important for the proper functioning of a factory. Chillers get congested at times and create huge nuisance in industry operations.

These essential tips will help you eradicate problems with chillers –

Keep a daily log

Keeping a daily log is essential for any industrial heavy equipment. Always have a data ready for your chillers. Parameters like temperature, pressure, fluid levels and flow rates should be recorded and monitored. These will come in help during maintenance and repair. Remote monitoring technologies will allow you to inspect your machines periodically. It will also allow you to generate trend reports that can pinpoint functional problems.

Keep tubes clean

This is crucial for effective heat transfer. Condenser tubes should be cleaned at regular interval. Industrial Chiller performance will be greatly compromised if the heat transfer is interrupted by contaminants. Cleaning ensures that the tubes remain free of sludge, mud, scale, algae, dust and other contaminants.

Treat condenser water

Condenser water loops that uses open cooling sources requires water treatment to stay free from corrosion, scale and biological growth. The water quality should be well monitored to ensure proper chilling and heat transfer.

Decrease entering water temperature

Decreasing the temperature of the entering water increases chiller efficiency. Keeping the chilled water flow between 3 to 12 feet per second ensures better efficiency.

Maintain proper level of refrigerant

Keep the refrigerant level as per the chilling requirements. Too low or too high level of refrigerants is detrimental for the health of chillers.

Check compressor oil

Send compressor oil samples to laboratories to check its quality. This spectrometric analysis reveals a lot about the overall health of the chiller. Change the oil when the reports indicate anything wrong.

Install variable speed drivers

As the chillers have huge electrical intake, VSD should be installed for electric saving. This also prevents electric charge overflow.

Chillers in most cases represent the single largest electric load in a plant. Hence, proper chiller maintenance is very important too keep it light on pocket. At Energy Plus, we offer best of its kind chiller operation and maintenance in India to give you a smooth factory experience.