What Is the Process of ETP & how to Treat Effluent Water?

Factories of different types of manufacturing industries like textile, chemical, dyes, pharmaceuticals etc., produce a huge amount of wastewater which must be treated properly to reduce water pollution and protect the environment. Thus, Effluent Treatment Plant or ETP comes into effect.

Industrial utility operation in India helps to maintain water treatment plants effectively. ETP initiates a mechanical process which follows a sequence of steps to treat the harmful wastewater.


At first, wastewater comes from the industrial unit to the tank of the ETP. Here, the filtration system removes solid waste particles.


There is a motor in ETP, and this motor helps to mix different types of effluent and cool them up to a certain temperature.


Now a carrier pump helps to transfer the effluent to a neutralization tank. In this tank, there is a pH meter by the help of which a certain amount of acid or alkali is mixed to neutralize the effluent.


The neutralized effluent is then transferred to a coagulant bath. Here, a certain quantity of coagulant is added with the effluent.


In the settling tank, the effluent is separated from the water. Here, the effluent acts like sludge and it is found in the lower level of the tank.


Pressure filter filtrates the effluent using a certain amount of pressure.


Not many ETPs use carbon filtration process. It is optional. Here, using the chemical absorption feature, activated carbon particles remove contaminants and impurities from the effluent.


A secured draining system is required to discharge the purified effluent.

An ETP system is a totally machine-operated process. Thus, like any other mechanical plants, it requires utility services for installation and proper maintenance. We at Energy Plus are a mechanical utility service provider in India since 2001. We are expert and highly experienced in operating and maintaining water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plant (ETP/STP), softener process and Iron removal techniques. We install and maintain the water treatment plants meeting the norms of State Pollution Control Boards.

4 Dangers Of Using a Faulty Boiler

Faulty boilers are one of the most hazardous things that can happen in any industry. Heating systems that run on wood or fossil fuels, like gas, coal or oil, are at constant risk of emitting carbon monoxide if they are not serviced as often as they need to be. In such cases, boiler overhauling is the need of the hour, considering how dangerous a faulty boiler can be, if not attended to, on time.

Dangers of using a faulty boiler

To be fair, faulty boilers don’t necessarily scream “DANGER”. Some faulty boilers are usually safe and need just a little reset to work properly again. In fact, modern boilers are well-equipped with thermostats and pressure relief valves to prevent any danger.

But, the modern boilers aren’t full-proof, either. They sometimes do show signs that point to the potential danger of using them. Carbon monoxide – also termed the ‘silent killer’ – can be fatal, if there’s a delay. The smell of spent gas and fumes are definite signs of danger brewing. If you can smell such odor, it’s strongly advised that you contact your industrial utility service provider. Also, you should contact them, if there are any visible sooting signs or spillage marks.

Another danger of a faulty boiler is the pilot light consistently going out, or turning into a wavy yellow flame, instead of the usual blue one. Again, that is caused due to an excess of carbon monoxide in the boiler, and it spills the harmful gas inside the room, which is fatal. If you’re unsure of your boiler’s status, but you’re continuously nauseating whenever the boiler is running – buckle up and call your service provider. It’s yet another dangerous sign of your boiler being faulty, and you can even starve of air. Whenever these dangers are brewing, the most logical thing would be to turn off the boiler immediately until help arrives.

Being one of the main mechanical utility service providers in India, Energy Plus provides all kinds of utility services to industrial boilers, be it installation, boiler maintenance, IBR overhauling, and Annual IBR license renewal. Our expertise shines when it comes to those boilers that can’t be found in commercial shops. From installation of IBR Boilers to fabricating industrial chimneys, we treat our jobs with the utmost professionalism and respect, which helps us stay earnest to our clients. For almost two decades now, we’ve set a mark for ourselves, and we aim to better that every day.

How to choose a boiler installer?

What to do when your boiler’s always breaking down and you want a modern energy efficient model instead of the one you have now? So, when push comes to shove, it’s important that you choose the right boiler. But, it’s also about finding a proper central heating engineer to install it. Installation of boiler in India is a big investment, and some things need to be understood before making a decision.

How will you choose a boiler installer?

Choosing the proper boiler installer isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially the industrial ones. That’s why; ample recommendations and feedback from acquaintances are a great source of information. But, before you decide which installer you need to choose, do an in-depth homework on the same. It’s necessary that you always use a professional installer with the required technical competency and qualifications, which are able to meet the standards.

Boiler Installation in India is a difficult job, and only the most experienced staff can guide you through the process. Before you start exploring the boiler process, think about what your industrial facility needs and how the requirements will affect the boiler that you select. You’ll also need to keep an eye out for the available space and the heating needs of your industrial facility, since they sometimes fluctuate over the standard life of an industrial boiler.

But, of course, that’s not all. While you do need to think about the facility competency, you also need to think about the potential cost of the entire installation. The equipment, emissions, boiler efficiency, and maintenance of the boiler, will cost a fair bit and need to be kept a track on. Again, it’s important to do your homework before rushing into a commitment as the prices vary based on the manufacturers and types of boilers. Once all this is said done, you’ll be well-suited to make a decision on how to choose a boiler installer for industrial purposes, when you’ve decided to install a new boiler.

At Energy Plus, an industrial utility service provider, we provide you all technical and industrial services regarding boiler installation. In Process Boiler we offer solutions from Consultancy to Installation (entire BOP). We are IBR approved Boiler Contractor, holding a 1st Class Certification. Our 17 years of work experience has made us into a dependable and trustworthy outfit who believe in long-term relationships with a particularly strong customer base.

Guidelines For Operation And Maintenance Of Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant or ETP is an installation designed for treating the industrial wastewater to a certain extent so that the pollution load does not cross the legal standards. Moreover, this kind of wastewater treatment helps to reduce the usage of fresh or potable water and protects the environment against extreme pollution.

To achieve all of the above-mentioned objectives, an organization must have a perfect management system to operate the ETP efficiently and maintain it on a regular basis to ensure its long run.


At Energy Plus India, we follows the below-mentioned steps to run the ETP in a secured manner. We are one of the most reputed industrial utility service providers in Eastern India.


Our workers remove large solids to prevent abrasion and blockage of internal tools and blockage of hydraulic system.


Our experts effectively manage both collection tank and equalization tank. Depending on the concentrations of effluents, we manage their storage time in the equalization tank. When stored, homogeneous mixing of effluents helps in neutralization. This continuous mixing prevents shock loading and settling of solids in the equalization tank.


Energy Plus India is a reputed company in providing the services of industrial utility operation in India. We take the following initiatives to maintain ETP efficiently.


We follow the ETP operation and maintenance manual provided by the ETP manufacturer so that we can maintain that particular model of ETP accordingly. This manual helps to guide our experts that how they should inspect different readings, performance meters, chemical use etc.

The manual must correspond to on-site ETP installation. That means the manual should properly synchronize with the installation method of ETP at your place. Otherwise, you should ask the manufacturer to provide synchronized manual.  


You should always maintain a log book to regularly keep the records of the maintenance operations with date and description of the works undertaken by the mechanics.


Our workers at Energy Plus India monitor and fix all types of installation problems and take initiatives to prevent corrosion and rust of mechanical parts.  

How to protect pipelines and prevent injuries?

Pipelines are usually responsive to corrosion and are designed in a way to keep them safe. The materials used to build them along with continuous monitoring are all aimed at keeping pipes protected. The lifeline of a pipe can be increased only by proper maintenance and care. Before getting in-depth into pipeline maintenance, there are certain things to know. It is our duty to know whether the pipeline operators are efficient enough to meet the responsibilities. If this is your concern, we at Energy Plus are here at your service. Pipeline fabrication and installation is no more a concern when you reach us. We always make it a priority to satisfy our customers’ piping requirements. Let’s get into a brief idea about what we can do or what we actually offer.

Proper Cleaning and Protection: Our Mission

One of the pivotal methods to keep pipelines safe from corrosion and sudden injuries are regular cleaning. At Energy Plus, we help you achieve such regular maintenance goals. Hydro flushing is one such method used by us to keep the pipelines internally clean. Apart from these, it is equally important to keep the areas near the pipelines clear. This can help in making the needed repairs considerably easier. With us, you can be sure of simple installation followed by timely maintenance without comprising on performance.

Customer Satisfaction and Quality Assurance: Our Vision

At Energy Plus, we have been continuous in our efforts to satisfy our clients in various industries regarding pipeline fabrication, installation and maintenance. Our fabrication process ensures successful completion of every project. We firmly believe that quality is a part of every corporate culture, and hence, we stick to it. We are continuously striving to improve our pipeline fabrication and installation process to maintain the best quality in industrial operations.

Pipeline installation – maximum safety and protection for minimizing hazards and accidents

Safety comes at the forefront of every pipeline’s life cycle. Pipelines tend to be damaged and cause sudden unexpected accidents and risks. Many incidents of injuries and deaths due to pipeline mishaps and explosions have raised concerns about pipeline safety in various industries. Many pipeline accidents take place every now and then, posing serious threat to public safety and environment. Oil and natural gas pipelines are responsible for many injuries and fatalities. Keeping such things in mind, we design pipelines to be safe and secure. For maximum safety and to minimize hazards resulting from pipelines – before or after fabrication or installation, we ensure that safety procedures are in place and are not outdated. We also keep up with timely maintenance and monitoring along with needed repairs and attention to details.

So if you are in search of a trustable and safe pipeline installation and maintenance service, we at Energy Plus could be your best partner. We are among the best piping construction companies in India. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified concentrating on industrial utility operation and maintenance.

Maintaining Boiler Safety – Learn the Tips and Tricks!

Be it boiler at home or that of industries, if maintained as per expert advice, it will definitely last longer. The guidelines provided by the manufacturers will always be more beneficial. It will keep the boiler highly efficient while performing at its best and working for a longer time. The boiler operator is the key to safe boiler operations. Boiler operator should have appropriate safety training prior to Boiler Operation. Certain safety tips followed timely can surely save the boiler from getting ruined permanently. Boiler operation and maintenance in India is surely a tough task but not an impossible one!

Annual servicing of the boiler is mandatory –
Just like vehicles run better if they are annually examined and serviced, similarly boilers also function better with annual servicing and assessing. An annual service also ensures that your warranty remains valid. All the nitty gritty of the problems can be solved if they are pointed out every year. Always consult an authorized boiler contractor or repairer before proceeding with boiler repairs.

Fuel-piping connection & check leakage
Extreme care should be taken while making Fuel-piping connection. Always check for the leakages of Steam, water, air & flue gases from any suspicious places. Regular leak checkup should be implemented as a part of maintenance program.

Monitoring the working pressure
Monitor the boiler pressure regularly. It should never exceed the design pressure and ensure the safe operation of safety valves.

Check the Water Level
Check the water level before blowing down and have a second person watch the water gauge level while you blow down the boiler. Close the blow down valve, and then recheck the water level. You will avoid dry-firing the boiler this way.

Regular inspection is important –
Without regular inspection, boilers can’t be maintained well. Check for any obvious damage such as cracks or existence of rust. If needed, boiler overhauling can also help in the process of inspection. All the repairs should be done immediately if any glitch is found.

Boilers are installed but not well maintained. Our team at Energy Plus India has set up a very effective maintenance system and we boast of a very prompt service. The more the boilers are maintained, the better their performance! Industrial boilers are very difficult to handle but if proper expert advice can be followed, the entire process would become seamless and uncomplicated.

Why Regular Industrial Chimney Repair And Inspection Is A Must?

While managing an industrial unit or a factory, you must regularly inspect and carry on maintenance of chimneys. A chimney is the passage which passes smoke and heat to the outside of your factory, thus keeping your factory congestion-free and safe from harmful pollutants.

Established in 2001, our company Energy Plus India is engaged in industrial utility operation in India by managing boilers, chillers, air compressors, WTP, ETP, DG etc. Our team of highly experienced and skilled professionals successfully look after every detail of your chimney, and take various measures to maintain it periodically with affordable cost.

 Reasons To Inspect And Maintain Chimneys

You need to keep the chimneys free from residual particles and chemical dust. These things come from smokes which pass through the chimneys. If these things block the chimneys, then your factory unit will become congested with smoke and pollutants. This is harmful for the health of workers, and at the same time, the machines can experience faults which can hamper production.

If you don’t maintain your chimneys regularly, then various health committees and pollution control boards may penalise you. So, always try to keep certain delicate parts of chimney clean. These parts are the interior, the top, areas around breeching duct inlets, inspection ports, upper reaches of ladders, platforms and fall-arrest systems. 

Effects of stresses and wears and tears are very common problems experienced by the chimneys due to high variations of temperatures, chemical effects, the constant flow of smokes, seismic activities etc. Concrete chimneys may experience hairline cracks and shrinkage cracks, and these may lead to leakage and deterioration.

The chimney also makes passage of steam. And due to that, a chimney may experience rust which can make it thinner. Again, harmful by-products of a factory can lead to thinning and de-lamination of fiberglass reinforced plastic liners or shells, and this may cause leaks and possible fires.

Brief Description About Maintenance

There are various industrial chimney suppliers in India, but there are only a few organizations who can properly maintain your chimneys. Our professionals at Energy Plus India carry out customized inspections and chalk out plans to repair and maintain the chimneys. Our non-destructive ultrasonic thickness inspection perfectly identifies the thinner areas of the metal body. Our rope-access techniques help us to properly detect and fix the glitches to prevent the hazards.

Corrosion – A Major Issue! Tips On How to maintain them?

Pipeline corrosion is one of the biggest challenges that oil and natural gas pipelines have to face lately. For any mechanical project company, maintaining corrosion poses a tough challenge that can potentially cost a lot of money.

What are pipelines?

Pipelines are, in a way, similar to the arteries and veins in our human body. They are present underground and carry oil and several natural gases for several kilometers at a stretch! And, just like damage in any of our artery or vein will severely harm our body, corrosion (or damage) in a pipeline is just as bad for oil pipelines, damaging their working principle thoroughly.

What causes corrosion?

Corrosion is a natural process of degradation to an embedded pipeline. The main reason why it happens is the transformation of refined and unstable steel to its natural iron ore state, after the reverse has happened, which requires a lot of energy.

Corrosion also happens due to two metals (e.g., steel and copper) with different potential connecting in a common environment, causing a current to flow. Moreover, stress causes corrosion, too, when any and every small pit turns to metal under stress. Another cause of corrosion is hydrogen embrittlement, when atomic hydrogen produces cracks in steel.

How to maintain them?

For piping construction companies in India, there are certain ways to maintain pipeline corrosion. Some of the tried and tested, successful methods for controlling corrosion are coating, cathodic protection, electrical isolation and overall proper maintenance of the pipeline. All these methods are done beforehand, while construction, to delay the inevitable damage of the pipeline for as long as possible, especially by electrical isolation.

At Energy Plus, one of the leading piping contractors in Kolkata, pipeline corrosion is carefully handled with highly skilled and experienced workers. We take pride in successfully meeting deadlines on multiple services. Being an industrial utility service provider for over 17 years, our dependability and trustworthiness is something we can boast about. Long-term business relationships are our shtick and we have successfully provided our solution with our experience to our wide array of customers, over these years.

Industrial Utility And Operations – Energy Plus Perfecting The Best Practices

At Energy Plus India, we are one of the first-rate and world-class providers of industrial utility services like installation of boilers, boiler repair and maintenance, boiler overhauling etc. Energy Plus India was founded in 2001 and since then, we are serving the best brands of the market with high reputation and exceptional expertise. Apart from boilers, we also provide utility services for other mechanical products like Chillers, Air Compressors, WTP, ETP, DG, various pumps, hydraulic machines etc.

Our Industrial utility services are cost-effective, environment-friendly and safe. You can easily understand that due to our high-quality services, we have bagged ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications as recognition of our expertise.

Since last few years, our market is rapidly expanding in Eastern India because we are providing high-quality and cost-effective industrial utility services using latest technologies and we have become a one-stop solution center for the implementation of different mechanical and electrical machines. We have clients from diverse industries like Leather, Steel, Dyeing, Beverage, Engineering, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, OEM etc.

We have more than 300 skilled technicians in our team. Many of them possess vast experiences in handling various projects of mechanical utility service providers in India. Our HR teams keep themselves updated about the job market and maintain a huge collection of data of talented job-aspirants. Our teams of trainers regularly update and improve the training curriculums so that our employees always remain highly efficient and productive.

You have already come to know what types of mechanical operations we perform. In details, we can say that we provide the services like cleaning of pipes, chimneys, ducts among others. Similarly, we remove dirt, residual, ashes from boilers, chimneys, compressors etc. Apart from these works, we also act as an electrical utility service provider in India, and for that our expert technicians insulate various connection cables of mechanical devices and properly handle complex wirings and fuse systems.

Industrial Pipeline Coatings & Their Importance

Corrosion is the main problem of metal pipes. Due to chemical reactions with atmospheric gases and oxidization, corrosions happen, and the pipes lose their metal properties. Thus, it is necessary to coat the pipes using industrial paints or chemicals.There are various piping construction companies in India who coat the pipes after manufacturing them. But, not all companies provide such coatings. So, there are many piping contractors who take the responsibilities of purchasing, coating and installing the Industrial pipeline. Our company Energy Plus India is one of the reputed piping contractors of India. Since incorporation in 2001, we have been providing various mechanical and electrical utility services along with utility pipeline installations and maintenance & insulation.

Different types of chemicals and oils required for coating are manufactured by various reputed brands. But you need the help of expert hands to coat the pipelines using these materials. Our expert coaters and painters will guide you so that you can buy the proper materials for best corrosion-resistant properties.

At Energy Plus India, we follow effective techniques when coating the pipelines. At first, we apply primer coating to resist the attacks of harmful chemicals. Then, a certain chemical coating is done, and finally, we apply a certain chemical for the third layer of coating which prevents corrosion and provides durability.

A perfect coating of a pipeline has various benefits. Coated pipelines gain high flexibility and do not experience cracks due to bending or twisting. There are a range of industrial coatings for various types of pipes. Coated electrical pipes have high resistance against electricity and thus they also remain free from electrolytic corrosion. Coated water pipes or oil pipes experience no leakage.

At Energy Plus India, we provide a high-quality pipeline coating service so that the pipes remain extremely resistant against external weather disturbances, dirt, fungus, bacteria and other biological or chemical matters. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and so that you can understand that we take every possible step to provide you the best service with the help of latest technologies.