Industrial Utility And Operations – Energy Plus Perfecting The Best Practices

At Energy Plus India, we are one of the first-rate and world-class providers of industrial utility services like installation of boilers, boiler repair and maintenance, boiler overhauling etc. Energy Plus India was founded in 2001 and since then, we are serving the best brands of the market with high reputation and exceptional expertise. Apart from boilers, we also provide utility services for other mechanical products like Chillers, Air Compressors, WTP, ETP, DG, various pumps, hydraulic machines etc.

Our Industrial utility services are cost-effective, environment-friendly and safe. You can easily understand that due to our high-quality services, we have bagged ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications as recognition of our expertise.

Since last few years, our market is rapidly expanding in Eastern India because we are providing high-quality and cost-effective industrial utility services using latest technologies and we have become a one-stop solution center for the implementation of different mechanical and electrical machines. We have clients from diverse industries like Leather, Steel, Dyeing, Beverage, Engineering, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, OEM etc.

We have more than 300 skilled technicians in our team. Many of them possess vast experiences in handling various projects of mechanical utility service providers in India. Our HR teams keep themselves updated about the job market and maintain a huge collection of data of talented job-aspirants. Our teams of trainers regularly update and improve the training curriculums so that our employees always remain highly efficient and productive.

You have already come to know what types of mechanical operations we perform. In details, we can say that we provide the services like cleaning of pipes, chimneys, ducts among others. Similarly, we remove dirt, residual, ashes from boilers, chimneys, compressors etc. Apart from these works, we also act as an electrical utility service provider in India, and for that our expert technicians insulate various connection cables of mechanical devices and properly handle complex wirings and fuse systems.

Industrial Pipeline Coatings & Their Importance

Corrosion is the main problem of metal pipes. Due to chemical reactions with atmospheric gases and oxidization, corrosions happen, and the pipes lose their metal properties. Thus, it is necessary to coat the pipes using industrial paints or chemicals.There are various piping construction companies in India who coat the pipes after manufacturing them. But, not all companies provide such coatings. So, there are many piping contractors who take the responsibilities of purchasing, coating and installing the Industrial pipeline. Our company Energy Plus India is one of the reputed piping contractors of India. Since incorporation in 2001, we have been providing various mechanical and electrical utility services along with utility pipeline installations and maintenance & insulation.

Different types of chemicals and oils required for coating are manufactured by various reputed brands. But you need the help of expert hands to coat the pipelines using these materials. Our expert coaters and painters will guide you so that you can buy the proper materials for best corrosion-resistant properties.

At Energy Plus India, we follow effective techniques when coating the pipelines. At first, we apply primer coating to resist the attacks of harmful chemicals. Then, a certain chemical coating is done, and finally, we apply a certain chemical for the third layer of coating which prevents corrosion and provides durability.

A perfect coating of a pipeline has various benefits. Coated pipelines gain high flexibility and do not experience cracks due to bending or twisting. There are a range of industrial coatings for various types of pipes. Coated electrical pipes have high resistance against electricity and thus they also remain free from electrolytic corrosion. Coated water pipes or oil pipes experience no leakage.

At Energy Plus India, we provide a high-quality pipeline coating service so that the pipes remain extremely resistant against external weather disturbances, dirt, fungus, bacteria and other biological or chemical matters. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and so that you can understand that we take every possible step to provide you the best service with the help of latest technologies.

5 Essential Tips On Industrial Boiler Repair And Maintenance

Industrial boilers are essential for producing steam for power generation and they are also useful for heating various chemical products in the factories. There are various reputed organizations who are experts about the installation of boilers in India. But our company, Energy Plus India is definitely one of the best among them. With more than 200 expert technicians, we have been installing and maintaining various types of boilers across India since 2001.

Here, we will discuss the 5 essential tips which we follow to repair and maintain industrial boilers.

The inside surface of a boiler should be kept free from soot, scale, and residual dirt because these remains reduce heat transfer efficiency and increase the chance of boiler breakdown. Our technicians use various mechanical brushes and chemicals to clean the sensitive tubes of your boilers.

For boiler operation and maintenance in India, you need to be highly cautious because boiler blowdown is the most common problem in a hot weather country like India. Boiler blowdown of any impact causes the draining of water and thus can prevent high concentrations of dissolved solids which allow the solids to precipitate.

Performance of a boiler is highly dependent on its water. You need to check the quality of water regularly by testing the amounts of dissolved minerals and residual condensate. Keep in mind that the presence of de-aerator is essential in the water. A boiler’s water should be tested more frequently if the size and the heating pressure of the boiler are more.

Due to the high surface temperature, it is necessary to create effective insulation. If the steam and condensate piping, valves and other fittings are kept un-insulated, then that will cause a high amount of heat loss and reduced efficiency. You can contact us anytime to inspect and repair insulations.

To regularly check your boiler’s performance, you should maintain a record book or a log. Daily or periodically maintain records of water and gas temperatures, pressure and glitches. Depending on such details, you can ask any provider to maintain your boiler.

Established in 2001, our company Energy Plus India has been successfully installing and maintaining industrial boilers with high reputation. With certifications like ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9001:2008, we are involved in various services of Boiler, Chiller, Air compressor, WTP, ETP, DG, etc.

Water – Availability On Earth And Its Importance

Water is considered one of the most essential commodities that man has exploited so far than any other resources for the existence of his life. Water availability on earth is reducing day by day. It is crucial for all aspects of life. Water is the defining feature of our planet. The Earth’s surface is clearly dominated by water: As reported, 70.8% of it (361.2 million km²) is covered by the oceans, about 3.16% (more than 16.1 million km²) by ice on land. Lakes cover approx. 2 million km² (0.39%). Including rivers and wetlands, with approx. 2.7 million km² (0.53%), the total water-covered surface of our planet is above 75 %. Though 75% of our planet is covered with water the quality of utilizable water is limited to the earth. Ninety-seven and a half percent of all water are found in the oceans of the remaining fresh water (2.5%) only one percent is accessible for extraction and utilizable for a suitable use for mankind. Water availability on earth is reducing day by day.

Unique properties that water makes a “Unique Engineering Material”:

1. The only substance that exists in the earth crust in three forms- solid, liquid as well as gaseous form.

2. The only substance that expands on freezing; highest density at 4 deg C. Due to this properties the existence of aquatic life, water availability even in cold winter season is possible in hill places and other colder region of our planet earth.

3. Water has got the highest Specific Heat(1 deg C) indicating it’s highest heat exchange capacity it has been used for power generation in Boiler systems of a Thermal Power Plant and also used as a coolant in a cooling water system.

At the beginning of the 21st century, due to the unprecedented growth of population with rapid urbanization as well as industrialization the entire world specifically developing countries like India are suffering from the clean and safe water supply. Further, environmental issues like Global Warming and Climate change is likely to reduce water tables and disrupt water supplies in many areas, making water even more costly and energy intensive to obtain in the future. According to UNEP report globally, two million tons of sewage, industrial and agricultural waste is discharged into the world’s waterways and at least 1.8 million children under five years-old die every year from water-related disease, or one every 20 seconds. Over half of the world’s hospitals beds are occupied with people suffering from illnesses linked with contaminated water and more people die as a result of polluted water than are killed by all forms of violence including wars. By 2025, 800 million people will experience freshwater scarcity, and two-thirds of the world population could be under stress conditions. 1.1 billion people have no access to any type of drinking water source.

Recent World bank Report: India’s Water Economy, Bracing for a Turbulent Future. Unless water management practices are changed – and changed soon – India will face a severe water crisis within the next two decades and will have neither the cash to build new infrastructure nor the water needed by its growing economy and rising population. It is expected that by around 2020, India will be a ‘water stressed’ state with per capita availability declining to 1600 cu m/person/year. A country is said to be water stressed when the per capita availability of water drops below 1700 cu. m/person/year.

In fact, water and wastewater treatment and it’s management have a direct impact on the biological diversity of aquatic ecosystems, disrupting the fundamental integrity of our life support systems, on which a wide range of sectors from urban development to food production and industry depend. It is essential that water and wastewater management are considered as part of integrated, ecosystem-based management that operates across sectors and borders, freshwater and marine systems on a sustainable basis.

By Dr. Ashim Kumar Bhattacharya; Principal Advisor & Trainer-Water and Effluent Treatment; Energy Plus India

Best Guidance To Care & Maintain Industrial Chillers

Chillers actually act as a plant’s single largest electrical load supplier. Maintenance works of the chillers involve repairing and cleaning of tubes and ducts, repairing and preventing the leakages of refrigerants, decreasing the operating cost and saving energy. Chiller operation and maintenance in India has reached a new height after the latest developments in centrifugal chillers and magnetic bearing chillers. Latest remote monitoring technologies also help a lot.
Our company Energy Plus India acts as a mechanical project company to provide utility services. So, as an expert here,

We will point out by what techniques you can maintain industrial chillers.

If you keep daily or periodical records of temperatures, pressures, levels of fluids and residual precipitation, then this history of operating details will help you understand as to how and when you should maintain your chiller. You can use remote monitoring technologies for continuous monitoring.

To get high performance, you need to ensure that the heat transfer through the pipes remains efficient. Make sure that there is no dirt, residual minerals, ores, mud, scale, algae present in the pipes. Approach temperatures indicate heat transfer efficiency, and higher approach temperatures indicate that heat transfer is not efficient. You must clean the condenser tubes at least once a year.

Condenser water loops use open cooling sources to cool; such water needs to undergo treatment to remove scale, residue, and biological dirt. Otherwise, heat transfer will be affected and the effectiveness of pipes and ducts will decrease. Inspect chilled water loops at least once a year.

If you keep the entering water temperature low, then your chiller’s efficiency will increase.

Chilled water flow rate affects the efficiency of a chiller. Low flow rate decreases the efficiency. The minimum flow rate should be approximately 3-feet per second (FPS). High flow rate causes vibration, noise, and erosion of tubes. The maximum flow rate should be approximately 12 FPS.

Amount of coolness of a chiller depends on the amount of refrigerant which passes through the compressor. Prevent the leakage of refrigerant and prevent air and moisture, which will cause increased efficiency.

Analyze the lubricating oil of the compressor once a year. If necessary, then change the oil. You need to prevent high moisture to improve purge run hours. Check the oil filters, and if the pressure drops, then you need to change them. You don’t need to take this headache for magnetic bearing frictionless chillers.
Regularly check and remove faults from the entire electrical system which involves starters, gears, motors, wiring etc.

You can install variable speed drives to save energy. These drives match the motor efficiency and lower the inrush current during starting of motors.

Tips To Keep Your Boiler Operation Healthy And Functional

Industrial boilers are pressurized systems that burn combustible fuel or use electricity to heat water that is used to provide heating in your building. Certain steps are necessary to keep your boiler operation healthy and functional. We at Energy Plus, a trusted provider of Boiler Operation & Maintenance in India are providing you some tips in order to help you take care of your boiler:

Keep up the pressure
The boiler and the rest of your heating system will lose pressure over time. Your system needs the right amount of pressure to operate properly; too low and your boiler won’t fire up; too high and there’ll be the excess strain on the pipes and equipment. Just check the pressure gauge on your boiler regularly. The gauge should be pointing between 1 and 1.5 bars. If it falls below this, you’ll need to top up the pressure of your boiler. Each boiler will have particular ways to increase the pressure, so consult the instruction manual.

Arrange for an annual service
You should get your boiler and heating system serviced at least once a year. At some time, you’ll need an annual boiler servicing to keep the warranty valid. Regular boiler checks will help it to run smoothly and safely.

At Energy Plus, we understand the value of maintaining the boiler and is always prepared with any kind of boiler operation and maintenance in different cities in India. With our increasing list of satisfied customers and years of experience, we cannot lay enough stress on how much boiler maintenance can avert future complexities.

Thus, to properly maintain your boilers, follow the steps provided by us at Energy Plus, an industrial utility service provider. You are definitely going to benefit from this.

The Importance and Benefits of Mechanical Utility Management

The world is transforming rapidly and mechanical companies must be able to deliver the maximum value from their assets. To create, defend and manage investment needs at present and in the future, mechanical companies should utilize decision analytics solutions. Thus, to cater to the necessities of the customers, we at Energy Plus have been offering Utility management Solutions and Services under a single roof since 2001. We provide a variety of services ranging from installation of IBR Boiler to design, fabrication and installation of Industrial Chimney, Pressure vessel, Pipelines, Storage Tank, Pollution Control Equipment and mechanical structure, etc. We are approved by Boiler Directorate and have a first class certification.

Why should you choose Energy Plus?

Highly Experienced
Energy Plus Group, boiler installation, O&M company in India, began its journey in the year 2001 and has since emerged as a leading Utility Service Provider. While custom-built solution and systematic approach is our core strength, Energy Plus has a team of more than 300 self-motivated, success-oriented professionals who have been extensively trained to meet industrial utility needs.

Single Window, Multiple Service
We always focus on meeting customer deadlines without hampering the quality of service. Our strength lies in this. Keeping the above things in mind, we have introduced a single window solution in industrial utilities which gives them the ease to meet their requirements.

Safety and Statutory Compliance
We strongly believe that ‘All accidents are preventable’. We consider possible safety hazards and take the required precaution before doing any work. All of our personnel are covered with statutory health insurance. We also provide PPEs (Personal Protective Equipments) to our employees who are engaged in industrial activities.

Dependable and Trustworthy
We believe in the long-term business relationship. Our every effort is made to satisfy our customers and we are extremely privileged to be associated with them. Our services have spread in various places, giving us a strong customer base.

So, if there is any requirement for any of the services mentioned above, we at Energy Plus, an industrial utility service provider, are always ready to provide the best service to our customers.

Advantages Of Turnkey Project

A Turnkey project refers to a project in which the supplier or the provider is responsible to the client for the entire result of the concerned project and it is presented to the client completely accomplished and ready to use. A general contractor is the supplier of a turnkey project.

In the case of a turnkey project, the supplier takes on the complete responsibility for the adherence to factors like delivery dates, the scope and the cost of the entire subject of delivery to the customer. Thus, the customers are in no way affected by any sort of risks regarding the project. Turnkey project execution in India is certainly most-dealt-with aspect in an industry. Like any other key project or industrial factor, this also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It allows a country to share technological factors. Energy Plus is one of such companies that deal with numerous turnkey projects and has succeeded in providing the best service.

Turnkey projects actually reduce the burden of managing or supervising industrial projects. Our team at Energy Plus has so far carried on innumerable contracts with élan. Being a reliable industrial utility service provider, we have never compromised with our services.

The reduced project timelines is certainly a very prominent advantage. Designing and executing are completely into the hands of the contractor. This helps in producing a better quality of work.

Turnkey projects deliver the cost savings to the customers because customers are responsible for the huge amount agreed upon during contract negotiations.

Are You Buying A Chiller For Your Industry? These Tips Might Help!

Choosing an Industrial chiller might apparently seem quite an easy task, but it is just the contrast. Before one decides to get a particular chiller for his industry, it is better to know certain nitty gritty regarding this in order to avoid the hassles.

It is definitely true that all chillers perform the same essential function but there are also more points to consider beyond a chiller’s basic ability to cool. You have to be sure of some points before taking the vital decision. Chiller operation & maintenance in India is definitely one of the vital issues ever discussed in the industrial arena. Therefore, it is better to deal with the unavoidable points to consider:

Portable or Central Chillers –
Decide on this first. One of the several different ways you can break chillers into groups is by dividing them into portable or central chillers. Our company Energy Plus guides regarding both types of chillers and you can surely pick the suitable one for your industry. It mainly depends on the space of the industry you are dealing with.

Air Cooled or Water Cooled –
This is yet another category for chillers. The difference between these two types of machines is the way in which they operate and the method they use to produce a cooling effect on your building and machines. Thus you should choose as per your need in the industry you own. The chiller business is not as regular a practice as Industrial chimney supplier in India but you will certainly get them in the top-notch companies. At Energy Plus, we will provide you with the best maintenance and support of industrial chillers, so that they function effectively for years.

Maintenance and Efficiency –
You should be very conscious of these two aspects. Get those chillers for your industry which have efficiency and can be easily maintained. Our team at Energy Plus has always come up with the most efficient chiller maintenance policies and has held high reputation over the years.

Chillers are the most essential components for any industry. But the right one needs to be chosen as per industry purpose. The above discussed are some important tips for buying the best chillers.

Why Boiler Overhauling and Maintenance is Required?

Boilers are a must in case of generating power. Whether it’s for domestic help or outdoor needs, oil, coal or even natural gas is used as a source of heat for a boiler. Therefore, boiler overhauling is a necessity at definite intervals to maintain its perfect condition and let it run without getting damaged. Breakdowns can cost a fortune if not maintained properly.

What is overhauling?
Maintenance is required for any complicated hardware tool that we use. For one as complex as the boiler, maintenance is a must. Regular maintenance and overhauling nullify any disadvantage that may have been caused to the boiler. In India, there is a big amount of ports present and even greater is the number of ships. Hence, the work rate is fairly high and lots of boilers run continuously. Thus, boiler operation and maintenance in India is a very important aspect of handling a ship.

Advantages of maintenance and overhauling
Boiler maintenance and overhauling have its set of advantages that are achieved in the process. It can be done in every alternate shift by the person in charge of the servicing. Or, it can be done every alternate day, every alternate month and even every alternate year.

During shifts, boiler water level and steam pressure are checked on the gauge. Daily maintenance is a little more complicated than that, consisting of a thorough checkup of the visual appearance and fuel pressure. In the monthly and annual maintenance checks, a major damage or a crack is searched for. Furthermore, the heating and heated parts are thoroughly cleaned and frequently washed so that any discrepancy is removed and the boiler is devoid of any handhole cover.

At Energy Plus India, an industrial utility service provider, we provide boiler overhauling and maintenance services to different companies and also install boilers whenever required. For over 16 years, we have offered our services to various fields and still continue to do so, boasting of over 300 skilled professionals. Our clients vary across corporate, non-corporate, private or government organizations and with experience on our back, we expect to grow and provide our services to a wider clientele.